holiday gift guide: for your toddler that gets in to everything, asks a million questions, and lives on goldfish crackers

It's Christmas eve eve!  And you forgot to get that gift for that neice/nephew/friend's kid who is coming to the Christmas party this year!  Don't panic.  Run to the bookstore around the corner and get one of these.

This one has a totally adorable story and teaches a great message of kindness to others.  Plus farm animals and vehicles - things toddlers love! 

The illustrations in this won me over as a fan of the author, blogger and artist Sanae Ishida.  Her watercolor images of ninjas and the map of their ninja town are my favorites.   

Toby has been a favorite around here for a while.  I think my toddler loves him so much because Toby is a toddler too, and toddlers really relate to him.  It's a sweet series that is fun to read while covering beginning literacy topics like numbers, letters, and colors.  

By Cyndy Szekeres

Wolfie has become our favorite book this year, hands down.  This one will make any toddler happy! 

Wolfie the Bunny
By Ame Dyckman

For the train obsessed kid in your life!  A real train for every letter in the alphabet. 

Alphabet Trains
By Samantha R. Vamos

Vampires that will drain your jelly doughnuts!  The most wildly imaginative story I've read in a while. 

By Sarah McIntyre, David O'Connell

an age-appropriate take on friendship and bullying.  

Stick and Stone
By Beth Ferry

Every story about everyone's favorite little red-headed Parisian in one collection.  Sure to be a treasured addition to your book shelf.