nerd power! nerdy birdy by aaron reynolds and matt davies

So it happened for the first time - my son was called a nerd by a school mate.  He was reading a book on the playground at recess, and another kid came up to him, saw that he was reading instead of hanging from the monkey bars, and called him "nerd".  

He was upset, of course, but I told him to wear his nerd label with pride.  His parents are nerds.  His grandparents are nerds.  Presidents, scientists, and teachers are nerds.  Nerds are the people who make a difference in this world, and the term is simply not derogatory in my eyes.  

Nerdy Birdy was a great reading pick to comfort him and me.  There are cool birds, and there are not cool birds.  Eagles, cardinals, and robins are super cool with their sharp beaks, strong wings, and predatory ways.  Nerdy Bird is neither sharp, strong, nor predatory.  

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Eventually, Nerdy Birdy finds his tribe.  He finds friends and learns how to be a friend as well.  This story is funny, relatable, and will comfort and inspire.  If a young reader in your life is struggling with being "different" from the rest of their class, read this.  It made us feel proud to be nerds!