books for an election year!

I don't know if you have heard, but it is an election year in the United States.  There is so much about candidates, delegates, debates, you name it, in the news right now, and I'm sure your kids are like mine.  They have a ton of questions about the election process and how it works.  Here is an age-by-age list of some fun and informative books about elections.

  • Preschoolers: this age needs fun, engaging pictures coupled with a simple explanation of what it means to vote for something.  If your child likes the PBS series, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, there is an episode where Daniel's class must vote to choose a new class pet.  That would be a helpful on-level lesson on elections too. 

Otto Runs For President
By Rosemary Wells
Election Day (Robin Hill School)
By Margaret McNamara
  • Elementary School:

This age can handle a more lengthy lesson on elections and have an attention span long enough to read more detailed guides that veer more towards non fiction than story telling.

  • Middle Schoolers: 

This age can really delve into how the government works and might even enjoy watching the presidential debates. 

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