books we love: seen and not heard by katie may green

We first shared this book in August, and we still love it!  The mischievous story, the creepy but cute illustrations - check it out! 

Seen and Not Heard by Katie May Green is quickly becoming one of my new favorites in picture books!  In a spooky, old mansion, there is a nursery filled with old, dusty toys.  On the walls of this nursery, paintings of children hang in frames.  During the day, these sweet, dear children sit quiet and perfectly still.  BUT, at night, they climb down from their frames and run wild!  They slide down the stairs, raid the kitchen for sweets, paint on the walls, and jump on all of the beds.  When the sun comes up, their fun is finished, and they return to the wall to be well-behaved kids once more.  The illustrations in this are spot on, and the story is so playful and a little dark at the same time.  Both of my kids laughed at the mischievous trouble the kids go into as well as the little bit of suspense at the end when the kids raced to get back into their frames before the sun came up.  This is Katie May Green's first book, and I can't wait to see more from her!