holiday gift guide: classic novels for the pre-teen who loves her phone, her soccer team, and wears purple nail polish

I hopped into a magic time machine and went back to the sixth grade.  Here is what sixth grade me would tell you to give the pre-teen in your life. 

a mystery that respects a child's intelligence.  age-appropriate enough for your kiddo, smart enough for you to steal from their bookshelf and read when they aren't looking. 

emotionally powerful, transport the reader to another world.  

the diary of a young girl during the middle ages.  funny, relatable, and they will learn something about the historical time period too. 

Catherine, Called Birdy
By Karen Cushman

The baby-sitter's club series goes to the heart of growing up and figuring out who you are.  a box set would be such a great gift! 

this wasn't around when i was in the sixth grade, but if it had been, it would have been one of my favorites!