My toddler's favorite books right now


When kids hit the toddler age, they tend to latch on to a couple of favorite books that get read so many times a parent's brain might turn to mush.  Some of these beloved stories are great, but some are not so great (I'm looking at you, Goodnight Moon.) and might get "lost"  along the way.  (Don't judge me.)  I wanted to share some of the books my two year old is asking me to read over and over and over.  I bet your toddler will enjoy them too.  I can vouch that after reading each more than one hundred times, I still find them cute/funny/enjoyable.  

Toby, by Cyndy Szekeres (Little Simon, 2001)

Books from the Toby series have been floating around my house for a while.  My now eight year old son loved them as a toddler, and now my two year old loves them too.  Titles we own include Toby's Rainbow Clothes, Toby's Alphabet Walk, Toby Counts His Marbles, and Toby's Good Night.  Each of them spins a sweet story about a toddler-aged mouse and his every day adventures.  I love these books for the darling illustrations of the sweet little mouse home where Toby and his mom and dad live and also for the fun and clever way they sneak learning into each book teaching colors, letters, and numbers.  My toddler loves these books for the way Toby's day to day life mirrors his own whether its helping his mom bake cookies or stomping in puddles after a rain storm.  We all like to read about characters with whom we can relate.  The Toby series is worth a check out  

Truckstop, by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Melissa Iwai (Viking)


We received this book through the mail as part of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program.  As if you needed another reason to love Ms. Parton, she has partnered with sponsors in communities across the country to provide children ages zero to five with a fun new book each month delivered directly to your mail box free of charge.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the free part at first.  Was this going to be "free" for the first month and then six months later, I've forgotten about it and receive a bill for the books I was given?  Nope.  It's completely free, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the books we have received.    Check to see if your area participates in this wonderful program at  

This book has very vivid and happy illustrations that engaged my toddler right away.  The story is about a boy who goes to work each morning with his parents at their truck stop and diner off a busy highway.  My toddler loves the big trucks that drive in to eat at the diner.  This book inspired a lot of pretend "restaurant" play at our house.  The story line is perfect for the two and three year old set with its easy to follow and fun pages.  PIck it up today!

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Do you sense a vehicle theme to my two year old's faves?  Oh yes, I have a little boy going through a classic little boy "big truck/air plane/train/boat" phase in full force.  But don't think I want to pigeon-hole gendery stuff over here.  I know plenty of little girls that love a good dump truck, and while he is a very boyish boy, this is the same two year old that wraps a towel over his head and prances around the kitchen shouting, "I'm Elsa!  I'm Elsa!"  But I digress . . . . In this story, a construction site full of big and loud trucks are settling down for the night.  The sky is getting dark.  The work is done for the day, and each truck gets ready for bed.  They take baths, get favorite blankets, turn on night lights.  This is a great book for settling bouncy kids at bedtime.  It is a fun read but also super calming.    

What favorite books is your little one excited about at your house?